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    [UnAnswered] Help With Remote Play for PS3 and PSP!

    Hey! When I try to connect my psp to my ps3 it says I must first go into network settings and go into remote play options... so i do that and then my ps3 searches my wireless network and the only security option available is WPA-PSK(AES). The only thing is, is that my wireless network doesn't have that. It asks for a key/password to make it work. So I entered a password i made and did the same for my psp, but the connection times out on my ps3! My psp seems to know that I don't have a secure network and it gives me options to choose from. Do you guys have any suggestions for me!? Thanx

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    The wireless connection is peer to peer direct (PS3 to PSP) not through your LAN wireless. What ever you setup on your PS3, you must do the same on the PSP. What version of firmware do you have on your PSP. I am using 3.03 and have no problem connecting the 2 units. You don't get much and it kind of sucks.

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    Comment...You do have to switch your LAN to the same encryption if you are using the PS3's wifi to get online. Even though the PS3 and PSP are peer to peer, once you add the encryption, it will no longer get on your "open" home LAN. And how do I know? Because I had to change all of my home LAN just to connect the PSP to the PS3. What a pain. 64 number encryption is a lot of button pushing using the PS3 controller and the PSP. And I have two laptops and two wifi desktops that I had to do this with as well to get everything on the same page. That was a long night. And the next day, I changed it all back. It seemed to make my computers a little slower when on the internet. Some delays and what not.

    I don't plan on purchasing any of the online psx games, so for now I'm not worried about the PSP hooking up with the PS3.

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