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    help recovering data from a PS3 hard drive?

    hi everybody, i am SURE hundreds of users are asking this same question but is there any way of recovering data from a PS3 hard drive? my original fat PS3 finally gave up the ghost the other night causing me to loose hours and hours and hours and hours of save games and sadly the back up i had is corrupt? I've tried putting the drive in a caddy but because its fat32 and the drive is paired to the PS3 the PC will not read it.

    Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated guys!



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    Andy I have not done this myself to say it works, but I believe you can hot swap your drives in Rebug, or something like that. Sorry if wrong but worth looking in to till someone has a better idea, but I think a modded ps3 is the only way and hot swapping.

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    If you would have your consoles private ID then maybe but otherwise i think you have no chance to obtain the data back. Cause hdd is encrypted with unique Console ID.

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    You cannot use a PC to read the data on a PS3 HDD, it uses a proprietary format.

    What went wrong with your PS3?

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    If you cannot get your ps3 running again then your data is lost as it stands. If it was precious family photos you had on it I would advise anyone to hold onto the hdd in case its possible in the future, but if its only save games then just accept they are lost.

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    if its ylod try fix your ps3 and then back it up quickly or at least get your saves onto usb.. where do you live.. i can try help you with ylod repair if that's the problem.. i am in brisbane australia..

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    Your profile says you live in the UK. If it is anywhere near Sheffield, you might want to check this thread;

    Mushy409 might be able to help you out. It is worth a shot I think.

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    The HDD isn't FAT32 but either way if you can't get the PS3 up and running again you can't get at the data, it's encrypted and there's currently no way of decrypting it without using the original PS3

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