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Thread: help with psn game question?

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    nikolas72 Guest

    Exclamation help with psn game question?

    hallo guys, i'm niky and have a little problem with some games.

    have download from this forum, some game

    i changing some games pkg on the ps3, ex 1942 joint strike resedint evil psone ecc ecc

    but after the installation on ps3 , when i start this game pkg, not work and display a message "game would a License from psn"

    is possible play the game ?? there is a tutorial or guide for playing this game?

    exuse my for my bad english. thank you very much nikolas72

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    imperfectionest Guest
    Were these downloaded from PSN? If so I think I read that you have to go down to 3.15 and back to 3.41. Don't hold me to it though, I'm searching now.

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    costocart Guest
    Take a look at this:

    The game from the link is the retail psn games. To play it you need to login to PSN to verify that you have paid for the game in order to play it.

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    nikolas72 Guest
    hello, are the games I've downloaded from this forum. But 'I tell you after I installed them on the ps3, and I start them, the ps3 asks me to play I have the license giochi.penso have been clear. anyway let me know something.

    ps. I have a PS3 with firmware and 3:41 with the last hex hermes that emulates 3.50

    ok thank you for your answer, but now is impossible conect to psn with jailbreak.

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    CJPC Guest
    Yes, and considering you did not purchase them - for the moment at least (even if you could connect to PSN) they will not run.

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