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Thread: Help with psarc.exe stopped working?

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    JB94 Guest

    Help with psarc.exe stopped working?

    i'm trying to extract all the music from uncharted 2 (1,46 GB) but when i start extracting with psarc.exe it ends with an error , and it doesn't extract everything. It extracts about 200 mb.

    Could anyone help me ?

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    JeoWay Guest
    Maybe your computer doesn't have enough power for it to dump such a large file. Try smaller files.

    Or try Uncharted in separate parts

    (ex. part 1, part 2, part 3, and so on)

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    JB94 Guest
    i dunno i tried with a small file (38mb) and it still ending with an error. Same result with psarc.gui v02

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    windrider42 Guest
    Try this command psarc

    Place psarc.exe in the folder you wish to extract

    Open Command Window


    psarc extract -y xxxxxxx.psarc (replace xxxxxxx's with your filename.

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    dyceast Guest
    The GUI Version is Crap

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