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Thread: Help Ps3 Ylod Trouble!

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    0odama Guest

    Help Ps3 Ylod Trouble!

    Ok i opened up ps3 then i used my heat gun to reflow forgot 2 put the heat taking pad thingys back on and i put everything else back on, i hook up ps3 it works!! but all of a sudden my fan goes berserk! and my screen says ps3 is too hate turn off so i turn it off, i take it apart again i bend the clamps and i put the heat pads on, i put it back together and it gives me YLOD again! so im like wtf!!

    OK then i reopen thinking that i'll just take the pads off so i do hook up and it gives me ylod still!, i reopen ps3 reflow over the pparts again 15 seconds each and let it cool same scenario then i take off pads again leave them off screw everything back in but the where the hard drive goes the 2 small screws i hook up ps3 YLOD again im doing trial and error still same anyone know whats wrong?

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    Frago Guest
    My friend bad news probaly your ps3 has gone maybe u fix it but for a little time try to do 30 seconds in the cpu and gpu and 20 in the other but if u want my opinion i prefer send it to sony to change it, i had a ps3 60gb and after 4 ydl my ps3 warm up in 10minutes and it was very loud and i know it that it was in it end.

    so i take i send it to sony i paid 180euro and they give me a another 60gb ps3 and its like a brand new and i'm very happy, sure i felt sorry about my old but it was anything i could do i had it 3 years and sony with the mods i have made were suprise and call me and ask me were i learn this and i said from myself,anyway i prefer this option sorry.

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    0odama Guest
    the cpu is the side with the most of the components correct? and the gpu is basically the blank one? or opposite?

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    Frago Guest
    If u clean the cpu writes above cell and the gpu rsx you will find it

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    0odama Guest
    I followed what you said and the ps3 works again only problem is the loud fan how do i fix this?

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    BwE Guest
    its loud because its hot. if you dont know what youre doing, dont do it.

    you cant just open it and heat it. theres a tiny bit more to it

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    0odama Guest
    Obviously it's HOT smartass i'm asking how do you fix the loudness, not on why it's loud. READ CAREFULLY hopefully you can understand that.

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    hacked2123 Guest
    Last time I had that problem, I wiped off my thermal paste, then applied a thinner layer, made sure none of it was going to squeeze out the sides, then tightened the metal plates REALLY tight. The fan worked like normal again. Glad the YLoD is gone

    In my opinion if you say the word "re-flow" instead of "heated up" or "stuck it under a lightbulb to make it hot", you generally know what you are doing. :P

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    Frago Guest
    There are many reasons that a ps3 is loud but one of it after a ydl fix is that the motherboard is begging to degrading,the cpu and the gpu are hottin very quikly and the fan cant freeze it so the ps3 its not hold for long thats why i prefer u to send it to sony now if u have the money to fix it

    If you dont have the money take look of my guides here

    and here

    The first will work immediately and the noise will lost and the second will help u to fix a ps3 withoute dust the enemy of ps3 do it step by step and u will learn a lot of ps3 tips and tricks!!!

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    0odama Guest
    They said use arctic 5 heat sink im using silicon base, and my heat plate keeps coming off so i think its the heat sink im using? what do you think?

    Oh and if i use one of the guides it would be the first one where would i get a min? lol

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