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Thread: Help with PS3 SAK

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    mladenko Guest

    Red Face Help with PS3 SAK

    I have installed SAK on my PS3 and now i cant play any games that are on BR disks (original games) and my surround sound dosent work.

    How to uninstall SAK?

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    A quick search would have told you this, but to remove the program itself simply overwrite the otheros.bld file. That's it!

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    mladenko Guest
    Ok, how to rewrite that file? Any tutorials or guides?

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    The exact same way you installed SAK... do that same procedure with another OtherOS.bld file which will overwrite the SAK one and replace it with the new one. To quote from PS3 SAK ReadMe file:

    Copy to /PS3/OTHEROS/ on a memory stick, CD-R etc, with the $ony otheros.self, and run "Install Other OS" from Settings > System Settings of the XMB. Then set default boot to OtherOS, reboot, and it will run!

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    reniusito Guest
    S.A.K. donīt works in my ps3 60gb, my o.s. is 2.60, this the problem?

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    mladenko Guest
    No i dont want enything else. I just want to remove it like it was never there. I didnt make any partitions on my hard drive so I cant format it. Is it SAK's foult that my games dont work?

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    CJPC Guest
    Its simple - when the PS3 is in standby mode, hold down the power button until it beeps and let go - your system will now boot to the PS3 mode, and you can play your games!

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    mladenko Guest
    The games on my hard drive I can play normaly. But when i put BR disc it wont start. My default system is PS3.

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    CJPC Guest
    Well, SAK would never touch the PS3 area of the PS3, if it would, the PS3 would already be hacked!

    But, if the system were reset - it would reset the audio settings (why your surround sound does not work) - you would need to reconfigure your audio settings.

    And perhaps try re-enabling the BD auto start on insert.

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