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Thread: help with ps3 new hack idea?

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    truesix Guest

    Lightbulb help with ps3 new hack idea?

    So ya, I am not a great programmer like most people popping in and out of the treads but i did have a couple of ideas I have been thinking about. I might have the concepts on how the payloads are actually accepted onto the ps3 wrong so if this sounds stupid it probably is.

    But my line of thinking is If someone with a jb ps3 can mod the attachment feature for sending messages so they can send any type of attachment could you in theory then send a payloads such as modded patches or custom software to any other non jb ps3 directly through a message attachment?

    Of course this would mean that the person using the jb ps3 would have to be able to connect to the psn which i don't know is possible any more.

    my other question I need help with is when your transferring a modded patch from your jbps3 to your non jbps3. Is this a possible way to hack the ps3... hold on I guess what I'm asking is can we make a dummy ps3 emulation on are computer that has all the hacks and mods we want and then hook up to a ps3 and trick it into a data transfer.

    I know none of this is possible now but is this possible for the future. Hope I didn't wast anyone's time.

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    pip1 Guest
    a file that you can run to mod a ps3 has not been made yet. so there is no way to know if the file can be sent through psn.

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    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    You just can send pictures as an attachment via PSN. Music or videos are blocked, and any other file format, too.

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