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Thread: Help on PS3 kiosk to retail?

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    v1p Guest

    Help on PS3 kiosk to retail?

    Hi i'm new to this site.. i just want to know some options. i got a kiosk ps3 firmware 4.23 which is an older model with 4usb ports and expansion card reader.. To cut down repetitive answers which i know.. i know there is a code 4801 which unlock most part but i want to access the store and also to be able to install stuff.. This wont allow it.

    So is there a way to set it back to retail? cuz at this point, i see i can downgrade it with an e3 at this point but i don't want to increase the chance of getting YLOD but opening this up.. so if anyone that has suggestions on downgrading, i be very grateful.. if not i'm basically screwed and i have to wait til they release the actual 4.23 retail patch and try to overwrite it.. thanks in advance

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    technodon Guest
    i suspect that your console probably has a nand not a nor chip so to downgrade your only option is progskeet or teensy++ which require soldering i believe 52 wires so 104 solder joints. at the moment there is no way back to retail firmware sony seem to have decided to screw everyone over who were installing custom firmwares and they released 4.23 kiosk only.

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    v1p Guest
    ok so it only require to use a teensy++ or a progskeet which is a chipset attach to a usb?

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    technodon Guest
    you need to solder, it is not a simple usb plugin.

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