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Thread: Help with PS3 JP patches?

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    baguetteboy22 Guest

    Help with PS3 JP patches?

    hi, i was wondering if one could haack a patch like a save. i'm playing white knight chronicles2 and the patch in EU/NA is 1.01 and the patch in Japan is 1.15.

    i have both patches on my ps3 but 2 different account, is it possible to bring the JP patch over to EU/NA as the patches unlock extra quests on the disc and it is simillar to a ps3 save file was wondering if it is possible to do it?

    any advice thank you

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    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    You mean you want to put a patch from EU over the same game from JPN ?

    No that's not possible. There are differences in the region-code.

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