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Thread: Help with PS3 jailbreak on 4.50 please?

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    kayday Guest

    Help with PS3 jailbreak on 4.50 please?

    I have a ps3 slim version firware 4.50

    i need step by step instructions how to jailbreak im a newbie

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    misiozol Guest
    Well you know it doesn't hurt to use search option many times was here , but in short you need hardware flasher to downgrade.

    BTW not all slim versions can be downgraded

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    vtinoc Guest
    Check your ps3 slim lowest firmware version with MinVerChk.

    here's a link

    The see if first if your ps3 can be at least downgraded to 3.55.

    If So then post back-If not well the only thing you can do is sell then buy old ps3 or trade for older Fat/Slim ps3.

    If your ps3 can be downgraded then there is hope you can pay someone to downgrade, or buy a flasher.

    E3 only works on ps3 with NOR atm.

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