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    maxrevolver Guest

    Question Help with PS3 to HDTV Problems?

    I unplugged my PS3 while it was running(Forgot to turn it off first. I know stupid, right?)

    Well, ever since then, my TV, which is connected using an HDMI cable, doesn't detect the PS3's signals (it just displays "No Signal")

    It occasionally will detect the PS3 (sometimes randomly after several minutes), but after shutting everything off, unplugging, etc., the next day it won't detect it again.

    I've tried to reset the PS3's video display (holding power), which works off and on, but it will not stay working as I said.

    I also tried changing the cable, but that didn't work, and I know it's not my TV, because it works fine with other things.

    I'm thinking the PS3's port might be broken, but it plays fine when the TV does detect it...

    Is there any way to fix this, and what is the problem?

    Thanks in advance.

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    windrider42 Guest
    When you tried a different cable, did you try the Component cable or just another HDMI cable?

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    matt101 Guest


    this happened to me (pulled hdmi when tv on) it broke the port or surged/fused it... now it only works with component... tried diff tele and cables... the hdmi is just not being detected... if you find a working fix please post what you did.

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    jackalexander Guest
    Maybe It depends on the brand of the tv. I have an LG TV & I just usually switch the HDMI cable between my PS3 & DVD player without any problems, so far. But now that I've read about this, I'm surely not going to do it anymore. Just to be on the safe side. In a way, thanks for bringing this up to our attention. i'll be a lot more careful w/ the HDMI connections from now on.

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    Liongooder Guest
    Try to restore file system through recovery mode,not ps3 system restore.

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    shinintendo Guest
    I have the exact same problem tried everything but the ps3 doesn't recognize my hdmi connection to the TV anymore. I replaced the hdmi cable, tried 2 TV's (one sony one LG) did the restore and full format. nothing helps T_T. been playing with DVI for 2 weeks now. I will soon take the ps3 to repair if there is no solution, hadn't had the time.

    A question: I get an error when trying to repair the hdd through the service mode (two beeps) the error continue appearing when trying to repair every time, can it be the problem with my hdd and not my hdmi slot? or I may a problem with both?

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    Foo Guest
    Rebuilding the Database from Recovery Menu? No clue if it'll work but might as well try

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    Liongooder Guest
    What kind of error? & if its corrupted data then yes its the hdd & not the HDMI.

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    shinintendo Guest
    It's corrupted data, and does it really can effect the hdmi? The VCI cable works just fine after all.

    Sorry I hijacked the thread but it may be maxrevolver problem too, we seem to share the same ps3 symptoms so far.

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    Liongooder Guest
    I know that its an HDD problem because when i had the corrpted data & restored the file system,the HDMI resolution couldn't get above 576p, so i restored the file system again & everything is fine.

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