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    I tried going into recovery mode...but the problem with that is, I can't see what I'm doing.

    I haven't tried a non-HDMI cable (can't find it for the life of me)

    Also, I neglected to mention I'm using a HDMI switcher(?) to switch between cables (TV -> Xbox, TV -> PS3, TV -> Laptop); I didn't mention it because it's probably not the problem, but I figure I'll mention it now just in case.

    Lastly, sorry for the late reply.

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    Try AV cable, it comes with the PS3 when you buy it.

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    I just found out that the TV only detects my PS3 when the Xbox 360 is on... what could this mean??

    Aliens?!? (lol jk about aliens)

    I'm going to try a straight connection from my PS3 to my TV without the HDMI switcher and see how that goes.

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    Go into recovery mode.. from there you can fix the hdtv problem!

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    I went into recovery mode, and I used the Restore File System option, which said something was corrupt and that it had fixed it.

    However, the problem still persisted after that.

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    mate I still have the Data Corrupted when trying to Restore File System in recovery mode. Seems my hdd is busted and I'll have to buy new one, I went into store and bought sata 2.5 to usb adapter and I did format the hdd from the pc. all seems well from the pc side but when I put it on and made the ps3 format it into it's own it still didn't fix the error in recovery mode, Data corrupted.

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    It seems it was probably my HD cable switcher. I tried a straight connection to my TV, and it worked just fine. I think it might have fried something in the switcher somehow when I unplugged my PS3. I'll try to see next if it's the cable connecting from the switcher to the TV.

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