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    Help with PS3 ftp to computer?

    hi i wanna know how to ftp a game (bles00777) rugby league live,that i ripped from my bd to internal drive to my pc.. i had a look inside ps3 files but couldn't find it.. i can't get hang of ftp yet so great instructions will be massively appreciated.. i have blackbox 1.2 on ps3 and filezilla and flash fxp on pc..


    update: ok i got it going with filezilla... another game from ext hdd.. i just need to find this bles00777 in my ps3 int hdd.. i looked in hdd/0 and can't see it.. must be there somewhere if anyone can help.. cheers

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    look in /dev_hdd0/game/LAUN12345/GAMEZ/bles00777

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