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Thread: Help with PS3 Factory/Service mode?

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    richleva Guest

    Help with PS3 Factory/Service mode?


    I tried downgrading my firmware using jailbreak minimus v1 and got stuck into service mode.

    little bit of research said to put Lv2diag.self file 2 on a usb flash drive and turn on the ps3... should work!

    but it didn't work for me? did i miss something?

    Any help guys would be great thanks...

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    barbnjason Guest
    2 key things on this.

    1) Make sure there are no other files on this USB drive, i.e. hidden system files that are sometimes that are found these drives if used for something else. So its best pratice of format FAT32 and don't open if fully just drag the Lv2diag.self (file 2) to the drive.

    2) Make sure its in the right most USB port and no other device is plugged in.

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    richleva Guest
    ahhh forgot about the 32 bit... it worked, thank you!

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