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    Help with ps3 break v1.2 dongle?

    Hello. I have an authentic ps3 break v1.2 dongle (confirmed this). I connect my ps3 break to my laptop via USB, (currently running windows 7) but it does not display as a USB device or allow me to open it. I cannot access the dongle on my laptop in order to install the downgrade files I need to run on my ps3. Can anyone assist?

    - Currently running a PS3 Slim on 3.55, trying to downgrade to 3.41.


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    Your dongle is obsolete and completley un-needed. You can install a 3.55 custom firmware and your ps3 will be permanantly jailbroken.

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    How do I do that? Are the files and instructions located somewhere?

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    Download your flavor of CFW (I recommend Kmeaw) and install it from a USB device. (Put in in the following folder structure - X:\PS3\UPDATE\PS3UPDAT.PUP and select upgrade from external device on the PS3)

    There's not much else to it. Shop around the PS3 CFW Forum before making the decision but it's pretty easy from there.

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    If you absolutely want to use the dongle you have to use the firmware loader/burner along with the m hex file off the official ps3break site.

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    Use of a dongle for any other reason than to enter/exit factory service mode is a waste of time.

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    use custom firmware if your on 3.55, on honestly the only useful reason to use a dongle anymore is to enter and exit factory service mode.

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