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    Sep 2008

    Red Face help with "proxy" games

    listen i'm new here.. and i saw there isn't [work] or [not working]
    next to the games name... and i saw they opened a site only for the store links... and i dont now if i should download couple of games and then see its not working...

    help please

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    Jul 2008
    uhm... i dont understand youre question exactly but if you meen to buy ps3 games online and download it than i can tell you there is no way to boot backups on the PS3 till now.

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    Mar 2006
    i think he means whether the games that can be downloaded through the proxy server work or not because there is no longer a comptability list for them since i couldnt find one either.

    sorry if there is one but i couldn't find it.

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    May 2007
    yeah the store links i have is just the list of the downloadables but not exactly stating if it's working or not

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    Jan 2008
    i think none of them work.. sony blocked the methods, but there's one method it actually downloads but gives an error upon installation.

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    Jun 2007

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