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Thread: Help with Prince of Persia PS3 on 3.41?

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    tomaziii Guest

    Help with Prince of Persia PS3 on 3.41?

    How can i modifi Prince of persia 3d eboot.bin to work on 3.41. I get error 80010019.

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    flashpc Guest
    I don't think 3.41 is capable of 3D playback, thats what 3.50 brought to the PS3, maybe a CFW will fix this but I think POP3D is out of reach at the moment.

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    CJPC Guest
    3D playback is actually enabled, its only Blu-Ray 3D playback that came about in 3.50.

    However, he can check out this thread, bit long, but it has all you need.

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