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Thread: Help with playing downloaded games?

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    Travisguy02 Guest

    Help with playing downloaded games?

    Hi, I am new to the site but i have been searching for a while for guidance on this issue. so I am sorry in advance for asking a question which i am sure has been beaten to death.

    I have recently bought a 2TB external HDD and formatted it to FAT32, my PS3 reads the drive just fine as i have been playing movies and downloaded TV series from it.

    I purchased a USB Jailbreak device and i have also downloaded a PS3 game via torrent. Devil May Cry 4.

    what I am looking for is just help on getting my PS3 set up to play this and other downloaded games. I have done nothing to my PS3 yet, and i have not done a software update since the release of FFIV this spring. I guess you can say I am Jargon illeterate at this point, as I am still trying to learn.

    Also my PS3 no longer reads discs... Any help or sort of walkthough you can point me in the direction of would be greatly appreciated. or if i need a different device or another i would appreciate the information.

    Thanks in advance

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    elser1 Guest
    go to ps3news search and enter how to use jailbreak.. you'll have to get a payload on your ps jailbreak device (the one you purchased) from there website.. then you need an open manager.. try gaia latest version from here.. search for it.

    to play dev may cry 4 just plug your ext usb hdd into your pc and transfer over files (once un rar,d etc) into folder you make called GAMEZ in capitals.. your game must be in folder of sony game id eg BLES 10293 or BLUS 14573 etc..

    plug your usb hdd back into ps3 and jb your ps3 and open game with your open manager.. ie gaia.. play game.. probably not the best guide so as i said use the search feature of this site and it will help you a lot more... cheers.

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    Jes03 Guest
    Do a search, as all the answers are there.

    And you are a real noob as you should never advertise that you download games. You are just asking for the FBI to come knocking on your door and you will no longer have a PS3 in that case.

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