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Thread: Help playing back high def on Showtime - possible bug?

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    mgkmgk Guest

    Help playing back high def on Showtime - possible bug?


    I'm running Multiman 2.00.01 and have come across an strange thing playing back media via Showtime and wonder if any one can help.

    I convert my Blurays to approx 4gig M4V files using Handbrake which I am very pleased with quality/portability wise and these play back fine on the PS3 natively. However, when playing them back via showtime all I get is a black screen and the sound.

    The description in showtime shows:

    Quicktime/MPEG-4/Motion JPEG 2000 format
    H264. Main(Level 4.0) 1920*768
    AAC 48000 Hz, stero, 159 kb/s

    Out of 9 titles tried all except one show black screen with sound only (the one that plays fine has the same attributes except (1914*804) but these resolutions vary slightly accross all 9 titles.

    Now I have also downloaded a sample MKV file to test the Showtime ability to playback - showtime identifies this as
    Matroska/WebM file formet
    H264. High(level 4.1) 1920*1072
    and this playsback fine.

    Anyone tell me what I am doing wrong/ how to fix my files. Many thanks.

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    Natepig Guest
    I don't have anything to say about your bluray conversions but I would say that mkv rips of bluray movies are the best for quality/availability on the net. If having these over 4gb and having to ftp is not for you, you can use mkv2vob to convert and split mkv files for use on ps3.

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    mgkmgk Guest
    Thanks - I will start to take a look - to be honest I use handbrake for DVD rips to psp and iphone - which was great - I just started messing around with it on Bluray too - the M4V format played on PS3 so thats what I stayed with - but now we have MKV support I will start to look at that too.

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    SwordOfWar Guest
    Showtime is a early port to ps3 so expect compatibility to get better. For a short term solution I recommend using a different format if that one is causing problems. .mkv itself is just a container though. The container is responsible for holding the data like a bag holds stuff. The quality itself depends on the codecs and bitrates used.

    If the files play fine on ps3's stock player you may want to transfer it via usb so you can get it to appear on xmb and play it normally like you have in the past.

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