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    [UnAnswered] Help with Nero MediaHome on PS3

    I'm having some trouble with the PS3 finding any of the media on my computer when i have MediaHome launched. Basically, I'll search for the media server and Nero MediaHome comes up on the PS3. I select it and when I check the folders, it says there is nothing in them even though I've selected my entire harddrive to be shared. The same time that happens, I get a message in the top right that says that there was trouble connecting the PS3 to MediaHome. I'm just wondering what's going on. Thanks for the help.

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    Try setting up specific folders. For example:
    My Documents/
    My Photos
    My Videos

    Etc. I use Nero Media Home, and it works very good for me.

    Also give your Ps3 some time to establish a good connection with Nero Media Home. It came up with the same error for me and i just try to open it back up a minute later and it came up.

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    I did what you said and that worked. But now the problem is that all the video files, which come up as unsupported data, aren't transfered across the network to my PS3. Basically I get the same error as before whenever I try to play a video file. As for music and photos, those work... to some extent.

    See if I try to play an entire album, it'll play the first track but then for some reason I get another connection error and the track that just played is re-sent. Also transfers of audio and photos get up to 100% on the PS3, but then freeze and MediaHome shows itself as repeatedly sending the file over and over again.

    I think this is probably a network error and wanted to know if you guys had any ideas on how to fix it.

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    Not sure if this would help but give it a shot. Did you use Nero Scout to index the files on your PC first and then run Nero Media Home? Basically just select the folder in Nero scout on which you wish to index and then run media server and add that folder to the share.

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    Ditch that crap, use tVersity. Far better solution.

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    Reading on the tVersity thread that their ps3 patch fails to work.
    Princess have you managed to get this working?

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    Yup, it didn't work in the first point release. They issued a fix and it works for me perfectly. I have Tversity on my server machine, which sources media from five other PC's in the house. Usually I use it for the 360, but 720p and 1080p transcoding in real time is a laughable concept.

    The PS3, however, plays every bit of media in my tVersity library without any hesitation. All formats, all resolutions, no problems.

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    Nice news. Do you have a special codecpack installed on your pc?

    Kind regards.

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    I can also confirm that Tversity seems to be a better option than Nero. Although my aging system is still having issues with transcoding higher quality video, the overall performance so far is much better than Nero. And, Tversity is 100% free! Good find.

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    The only codec pack I have installed is the most recent version of CCCP. Nothing else at all. And you'll find that with 90% of videos, tVersity doesn't even have to Transcode - just 'fake' the container - which means virtually no work needs to be done on the PC end.

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