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    Following Coheedcollapses guide worked well for me, and as mentioned as long as the videos play on the computer end (through TVersity) generally I've not found a problem with them playing through the PS3, aside from quality loss.

    However, I've not had any luck playing videos captured on my digital camera (quicktime format) or any videos recorded through Windows Media Center (not sure the exact format of these though on the PS3 it shows them as mpeg2... file types are .dvr-ms). Anyone have luck playing these types of videos? Have any suggestions for me?


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    anybody get a HD mkv file working with any media players on their PS3?

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    Quote Originally Posted by derrick82 View Post
    anybody get a HD mkv file working with any media players on their PS3?
    Haven't tried myself, but test this out:

    1) Change video resolution in Tversity settings to 1280 x 720
    2) Download and install Haali Media Splitter (But only do this after you've tried and failed at the first one. It's best to minimize the number of installed codecs/video handling programs if possible)

    Good luck.

    Also try running tversity via the "mediaserver -debug" method before you change anything (and after if all else fails). I've heard of this fixing issues for all sorts of things.

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    well tried all that got all my avi and all working but seemed that my wmv and mkv files just come up as unsupported.

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    That's odd derrick. Well I have no experience with .mkv files so I'm pretty much going off of what other people have said with that part. I'll get back to you if I find anything else!

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    Is anybody using a mac to transcode? If so what spec are you using and how successful is it?

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    I still can't get XVIDs to play, at least most of them. The ones I test are from Howard TV (Howard Stern in-demand show) and they always come up as unsupported.

    I'm waiting on a couple of gigabit switches that are backordered... I'm hoping that converting my network to gigabit (including ps3) will make a big difference.

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    Got verity to work thanks alot, but one question you can not pause can you or fastforward? Can you with Nero?

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    You can pause with most medias, but not all. Fast forwarding doesn't work on any encoded media that well because the encoding process takes too much time to be able to fast forward through a media file. It should work on mp4 files though.

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    Actually, anything based on an MPEG4 codec (DivX, Xvid, h.264, x.264, etc) that can faked into an .mp4 container will fast forward at 1.5x okay, because it's not actually transcoding, it's just faking the container.

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