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    does it work with all standard media streams?

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    I'm now running the latest version of tVersity in it's default configuration and I haven't yet come across any unsupported media types; even on a few videos that gave me issues previously. Fantastic work they've done.
    I was going to investigate SonicStage, but let's just say that my previous experience with that software for my NetMD some years ago was one of icky bloatware, so I figure I'll just stick with tVersity + CCCP

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    I think I found my problem - but I still have no way to fix it. The only files I'm currently having problems with are movies (Xvids/divx .avi's) that have subtitle files included with them. I'm too lazy at the moment to mess with my server computer and try running them with the subtitle files deleted, but so far it seems as if only my foreign flicks with seperate .sub files are freezing up.

    Any idea what might be going on?

    Also thanks to Princess for exposing me to this program. It's so much better than Nero (that friggin program was so bloated...)

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    I'm not entirely sure how well tVersity handles soft-subs (.sub .sit .srt etc) I'm afraid. I do know that when transcoding, it hardcodes the subs, and when it's not it just passes the subs to the device upon request. I suspect that it's in that stage of either transcoding, or passing, something is going arwy. I do remember reading somewhere that a filter like DirectVobSub could improve your chances of success with subs in tVersity, but don't hold me to that :\

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    I'm using directvobsub and it's freezing up at the initializing process. It usually doesn't even give me an error for at least 30 seconds..just a blank screen freeze up and then the error.

    Also weird is that even if I make 100% sure that all of my previous codecs are uninstalled, CCCP codec pack doesn't work with Tversity on either of my computers - I have to actually use k-lite codec pack or else nothing runs at all.

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    great work on this thread! at first i couldnt get xvid or avi to play , i followed the instructions, uninstalled, CCCP, TVvercity, audio played great! still no vid.

    second, i removed FFSDHOW when i reinstalled CCCP, and installed the codec, now some avi and xvids would play, but the quality was not near the source material i was streaming (hd xvid rips the crisp ones that are double the size), it seems they look better streamed through my media box.

    anyone else notice quality difference? im using a 720p tv with hdmi from my ps3. also what other codecs are recommended to make xvid or divx work?

    It would be really kick ass to have all xvid and avi working crisp.

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    I have about 90% of my Xvid and Divx avi's using this method (They didn't work using CCCP for some reason).

    - Uninstall any existing codecs
    - Search for K-Lite mega Codec Pack and download that.
    - Do a full install and go down the list of codecs changing them from their native codecs to FFDShow

    Works for me on just about everything (although usually I like minimal codec installations...). Good luck!

    If anyone has a surefire hints to get CCCP working (the base install with default installation doesn't work for me) be sure to post it.

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    Right on i'm going to give that a try this evening and report back.

    i wish VLC had some kind of media server for ps3!

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    Ok this is exceedingly odd, but I figured out a fix to this problem through trying to figure out how to get the FFDSHOW icon to appear in my tray while playing to my PS3. No idea why it works, but it does.

    Stop the mediaserver
    type in "mediaserver -debug" (without the quotes of course) This will start the server in debug mode. Keep that window open.

    Now everything plays without a hitch. Divx, xvid - even subtitles work completely.

    Here's a complete step-by-step tutorial of how I got Tversity working perfectly on my semi-crappy desktop computer. It may not work for you, but I can say that every video I've thrown at this server has worked on my desktop (including subtitles, which Tversity is apparently known to have problems with).

    Here goes:

    After a lot of troubleshooting/experimenting, I've found the best method for serving files to my PS3 for myself (it's on a pretty low end computer so it should work for everyone..)

    1) Uninstall ALL codec packs/standalone codecs that you might have on your computer.
    2) Download K-Lite Mega Codec pack
    3) Download TVersity


    You can either:

    A) - Install K-Lite mega codec pack and make sure ALL types of video are handled by FFDshow (you do this by clicking the little circle buttons below all of the different video and audio formats) Also make sure DirectVobSub is not installed (that one is toward the bottom of the list...I'll tell you why you do this later).

    or, if you don't want the bloat of K-lite

    B) Directly install FFDShow and make sure it handles ALL media formats you plan to be transcoding into your PS3 format.

    --OK back to the tutorial--

    4) In either of these instances, when it has the little check boxes at the end of the installation, check "Set up FFDSHOW Video codecs" (or something like that) In this screen make sure you click the check box next to "subtitles".
    5) Install Tversity
    6) Start the Server
    7) Add all media folders to the library and let it process...this takes quite a long time the first time you do it.
    8) Now if you're connected to the PS3 correctly, you should be able to find and view your video, audio, and mp3 files.


    - If your subtitles or xvid/divx movies don't all properly work, shut down the server and go to Start>Run and type in "mediaserver -debug" I actually have to do this every time I start it myself because subtitles don't work otherwise oddly enough.
    - If your PS3 isn't recognizing your connection, go to start>control panel>network connections and under the "advanced" menu on your toolbar, scroll down to "advanced settings" Make sure the connection that your PS3 is connecting to your server computer on is at the top of that list. If it's not, move it there.

    Sorry if it's confusing. I've always been a little crappy at explaining stuff!

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    Thanks for the guide - It works for all my files apart from I don't get any sound when playing TS files - do yours play OK - any ideas.


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