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    carapalida Guest

    Exclamation HELP needed in backing up LEGIT PS3 discs...

    Hello boys and girls... long time no see you all

    Hey, I was wondering... I had an accident yesterday and screwed up my Reistance game and the PS3 won't read the disc anymore. I even tried those "disc doctor" thingies and still nothing. I ended up having to go to my Gamestop store and get another used copy of Resistance... at least I only paid 40 dollars intead of 60

    I am aware that PS3 back ups don't work but I STILL WANT to start backing them up just in case. I am a bit confused after reading some tutorials... so I thought I would ask you some advice. I THANK YOU in advance.

    1. If my ISO image is BIGGER then my DVD-R size and of course I will have to use multiple discs since DVDs are only 4.0gb in size, what size would you suggest that I ZIP/SPLIT the files?

    2. If my ISO fits a DVD-R 4.0gb disc, should I still ZIP/SPLIT the files or just keep the whole ISO intact?

    3. Is Winrar an ok program to do this?

    4. Would you recommend that I add some PAR files to my back ups no matter if the are ZIP/SPLIT files or whole ISOs?

    Unfortunately I don't have a dual layer burner at this time, so I have to use regular DVD-R... and so far I have the programs Winrar and Quickpar.

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    Siptang Guest

    first of all, how the hell did you mess up a blu-ray?
    The thing is nearly scratch proof. People have literally tried to tear that up without success.

    Anyhow, there are multiple ways to back up your ps3 games.

    1.) SAKs
    2.) Back up through XMB.

    It will automatically back up in split files because ps3 only supports fat32 partition. (which has 4g limitation.)

    I hope these answered your questions a bit.


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    carapalida Guest
    thanks for replying Siptang. but you quite did not answer my questions... i want to back them up using my PC... and i have those questions above about doing quick par file as well.

    but to answer your question on how i scratched my cd; my friend brought a pc he was building to show me and set it on the table on top of my disc. he moved the tower a bit to show me a few things and i guess that did it. not to mention he scratched my wood table too

    anyhow... if anyone can read up my first post above and give me some insight on how to do this that would be awesome. i was thinking that i should also apply this to my computer game cds as well.

    thank you all again

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    VendeTTaa Guest
    For all the info you need on SAK, the app that Siptang mention (a backup tool that is installed on the linux partition), you can check out THIS thread. You may not need to sift through that though as the app is made by CJPC and seems pretty sturdy, and also has a decent readme.
    I havnt used it personally, but i believe it is the most commonly used, easiest method.

    Now for some answers to your questions, keeping in mind that im not exactly experienced with backing up Blu-ray's themselves, but have backed up many isos etc before.

    1- I believe that you can get SAK to split the file for you, but i see no reason why you shouldn't make the split sizes say...3.9Gb, as long as you leave a little gap room on the DVD.

    2-If the iso is less than a DVD, rar it anyway but dont bother splitting. Ive had instances in the past where an image gets corrupted when being burnt, but a rar will keep it in tact.

    3-Winrar or 7zip are fine to use.

    4-par files are always a good idea, especially with large files like these. Although because you are burning the files to dvd's they may not be so important. You aren't in much danger of losing a file as you would in say, P2P.

    Hope i helped a bit, give a shout if you need anything else, although i think ive reached the span of my knowledge.

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