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Thread: Help my PS3 no longer detects Blu-ray Game Discs?

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    Yasanaki Guest

    Help my PS3 no longer detects Blu-ray Game Discs?

    Hi all,

    I loaded Hermes V4b, installed Gaya Manager 1.02. However, this manager doe not load any games for me. As such, i deleted it.

    Now my ps3 does not detect and game disc even if i load my ps3 without any JB.

    I did a format but still it does not work. I tried to reinstall Gaya Manager and it does not help either.

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    harveychan Guest
    when you delete a manager it also deletes the games in the gamez folder also. Unless you moved the games somewhere else via ftp your games were deleted also.

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    Yasanaki Guest
    Yes i know this. But it is my Blu ray disc in the drive that it can't detect.

    I tried a couple of games (not ISO) but its like my Blu ray drive is dead.

    and it is only after i Del Gaia Manager.

    I tried safe mode restoring system file etc.
    I tried formatting HDD and restoring 3.41

    My BD drive light is blue when there is a disc.

    It seems either Herme V4b removed BD drive somehow.
    I have been using the Original JB and just switched to v4b (to load EA MMA) only to have my BD drive now not working. (No Icon nor auto load)

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    Tek9 Guest
    I seriously doubt that any of the payloads or backup managers had anything to do with your blu-ray drive dying on you only thing i can say is that it might be your lens going bad or that it already went bad. I have used both payloads and i've used all kinds of different managers and i've uninstalled them and re-installed them and done that several times to keep updating and i've yet seen the blu-ray drive die on me (knock on wood ~__~).

    Your Best bet is to use Hermes v4b to run games without a disc in drive as it doesn't require it i use Hermes v4b and Gaia Manager 1.02 and just mash the X button on the controller and then it returns to xmb then i go to the 1st folder icon apps_home_ps3 i think it's called (this is off the top of my head so dont quote me on the exact name ~__~) and the game shows up and i hit X again and it launches without a disc i do this for all my backups. Sorry to hear that you might have a busted Blu-Ray Drive.

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