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    florinkurky Guest

    help with my ps3 motherboard?

    hello . i am new and i want to ask something. i have a motherboard of ps3 60 gb but has a bug, this ic and this resistor it is missing and i don't know the value.

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    Tosztoc Guest
    IC = IMH20t108
    next to IC is C = 0,0022uF/50V
    next to C is R = 560 Ohm

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    florinkurky Guest

    help with my motherboard ps3 60gb?

    i have this motherboard and in the photo i show you there a re miss 1 ic and 1 resistor i thing...i find the resistor but i don't find the ic... did you now another way to repairs is possibile to make a bridge or somethig else? thanks

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    CJPC Guest
    You can not bridge the IC, if you can not source the part, your best bet might be to scavenge it off a broken PS3 motherboard, perhaps check ebay for a YLOD motherboard, at times they run very, very cheap.

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    florinkurky Guest
    it is posible to find this ic on the ps2 motherboard. i have a ps2 motherboard broken v3...

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