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Thread: help me summarize jailbreaking?

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    BwE Guest

    help me summarize jailbreaking?

    my brother asked me about jailbreaking and what it is

    all i could say is that it allows 3rd party applications run - ie back up managers etc.

    im sure theres more to explain/say....


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    B4rtj4h Guest

    It enables you to play backup games on a PS3?
    It puts the PS3 in Service mode?
    It gives us the ability to dump BR games?
    It enables homebrew to be played on the PS3?

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    OGroteKoning Guest
    hehehe .. .this is indeed not the easiest thing to explain, but I told the following to my fiance ... hope it helps (no pro's or con's mentioned)!

    Jailbreaking the PS3 is the ability to trick the PS3 with a third party device in order to load and run applications that are not approved by $ony.

    The third party device (development boards, calculators, iPods, etc) is programmed (on a PC) with a payload that disables certain securities and enables a high level debug mode on the PS3.

    This way, two additional menu entries appear under the "Game" option of the XMB which is otherwise hidden from the XMB.

    For now, the one option is used to install third party software (homebrew or unsigned code) and the other to run games which is backed-up or copied from an original BD to either an internal or external HDD with the use of third party software - this is currently the most common use for jailbreaking the PS3. There are however devs working on other software (homebrew) not limited to backup managers.

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