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    Help me out installing PSN games!


    i want to install any game on my ps3 using the proxy Gui thingy... i connected it successfully and i follow the steps and i download any of the *.pkg format games on the ps3 successfully as well. so what i mean is that the download progress reaches 100% but when it comes to installing it gives me and error saying that a problem occurred during installing progress...

    two of the game i downloaded were installed successfully but they don't work. it give me a copyright error... so what can i do to solve these two problems? i really need to download some game demos i got bored with the ones i have and games are really expensive here. i haven't got time to work as im still studying in college..

    information about my ps3:

    system software: version 2.30
    region: 2
    psn account: US

    i bought my ps3 from the middle east... so i guess its the European, Asian and middle-eastern one...

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    Installing Demos


    You cannot install any *.pkg file and just expect it to work.

    The only *.pkg files that will work with your firmware are free demos which you can easily download from the Playstation Store already.

    If you specifically need to use the proxy method you still can, but only for demos. This is why your getting a copyright error.

    If you have a friend in real life with a PS3 and he buys some games from the store then he can send some to you.

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    thanks man... but i did manage to install a couple of games though

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    Which games did you manage to install and do they play as a full version?

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    98% of games that are in the store that you can buy are all encrypted. Thus you are getting the copyright error. Unless you buy them, you cannot play them.

    Games you have successfully downloaded and installed are primarily demos and other games. Gripshift and Rub-a-duck were the only 2 games to my knowledge that worked through this Proxy process. All others will not work.

    Of course if you happened to search the threads, you would have known that already.

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    Asian version should be no problem for this..

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    Just have a friend transfer them to you.

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