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Thread: Help me with my JB PS3 please?

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    PSS3Lobbies Guest

    Help me with my JB PS3 please?

    I have got a jailbroken PS3 and i just installed 4.21 spoofer and it spoofed me to 4.21 but when i try sign in it says i need to UPDATE ps3 so i tried UPDATING it and it said im on current FW plzz help if you no how to fix this.

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    Starchild2k Guest
    DO NOT UPDATE IF YOUR ON 3.55 CFW unless you want to lose all of the mods and the ability to play backups from a HDD! The reason why the 4.21 spoofer isn't working is because the 4.21 update is no longer a optional update you must install it! I would wait until there is a new PSN mod to get us back online if I where you!

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    PSS3Lobbies Guest
    okay thanks for that because i was going to update i was getting annoyed with it

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