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Thread: Help with Last Of Us on PS3?

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    Elesaras Guest

    Help with Last Of Us on PS3?

    Hey, I just made my console Rogero 4.41...

    Have newest mM, but can't play Last of Us. When I start it just stars to load. I see Last of Us logo in right conner but no game :/ WHY?

    Btw how to merge files in multiman? I put them in same folder (I splited main file and transfered from usb to ps3 about 5 files) and nothing?

    Please help

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    racer0018 Guest
    I used a USB drive formatted to ntfs and transferred all the files but the one that is over 4gb to the internal with a external hd formatted to fat32. And used the ntfs USB to transfer the file over 4gb to the internal hd of the ps3. I used multiman to do all and game works great. Thanks

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    Estina Guest
    same problem here but runing on 4.30.1 rebug, with fake bd emu sytem do i need to do that as well? where can i get the original eboot?

    just found out its in the game folder although the game still froozes in the logo screen gonna try making an update with the original eboot

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    torres2005 Guest
    Disable BDEMU on multiman and if are in cfw 4.41 use original eboot works fine for me

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    Midnitetoker484 Guest
    Copy game to hdd with ps3split.

    It worked for me

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    dyceast Guest
    How long did you wait for OP?

    This game has some weird loading times, well with a 1tb internal it does anyways

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