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Thread: Help with kmeaw 3.55 PS3 CFW?

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    syrus77 Guest

    Help with kmeaw 3.55 PS3 CFW?

    Hey all i hope you can help me with the following question. Yesterday i finally decided to upgrade my ps3 from ofw 3.41 to ofw 3.55 to cfw 3.55 kmeaw on my 60 gig fat ps3 got it the first day it came out, anyway installed the ofw 3.55 on flash drive in recovery mode and then i did the same with the cfw 3.55 kmeaw prepatched everything went fine except i dont know if i am actually running cfw 3.55 kmeaw.

    i went to system settings on ps3 and it says im on 3.55. were as wen i first installed kmeaw my system settings said 3.55 hermes - cant remember the exact words sorry but if i could get help from you guys that would be great. If you need any more info from me just ask if it will help.

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    ConsoleDev Guest
    The fastest way is to check if Install Package Files and /app_home/PS3_GAME/ are present under the Game category and eventually try to boot a game from Multiman

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    Azrial Guest
    You're better off jumping up to 4.30 now, no need for patching anything.

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