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Thread: Help installing PS3 CFW 4.31?

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    SqLeon Guest

    Help installing PS3 CFW 4.31?

    So I'm a noob to this stuff. Never knew this was possible. I was trying to find some noob guides but the only ones date from like 2008 or 2010. I have a few questions if anyone can help please .

    1.) I am on firmware 4.31, how can I downgrade to the necessary firmware in order to install cfw.
    2.) After having cfw installed, is there any specific software/homebrew that I need in order to run backups.
    3.) Can I sign onto the psn while having cfw. Will i get banned if I do so?
    4.) How can I prevent any banning from the psn.
    5.) Is it possible to run a ps2 emulator or equivalent while on cfw.
    6.) What would be the best cfw in order to do those things mentioned if possible.
    7.) Will I be able to play new games without returning to ofw or waiting for a new updated cfw?

    Can someone answer these questions assuming that the latest and most effective methods are used? Thank you very much.

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    fadi Guest
    sorry but you cant downgrade from 4.31 to 3.55 without a hardware flasher for example like a e3 flasher

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    windrider42 Guest
    1. As answered above, need a hardware flasher or have someone downgrade it for you for a fee.
    2. Most use multiman to play backups from internal/external hdd
    3. Yes. No one knows for sure who Sony will ban just for being on CFW. A lot of users who play online/cheat etc have more likely chance of being banned. But anyone can be banned/warned just for being on CFW
    4. The only sure way is too never connect to the internet. Block Sony through Router/and or never sign into PSN
    5. Right now a dongle is the only way to play PS2 backups while on CFW. Compatibility is still best with B/C PS3.
    6. It is as I said best for PS2 usage. Rogero 4.30 v2.05 and Rebug 4.30 are about the best CFW going and stable.
    7. Yes using either Rogero 4.30 or Rebug 4.30.1 you can play latest games

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