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Thread: Help installing .pkgs larger than 4gb?

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    NCSUfan Guest

    Help installing .pkgs larger than 4gb?

    Ok so I got Medal of honor limited edition... the game plays fine from my external HD. However the file has a optional game Medal of Honor Frontline (a remastererd ps2 game) The Frontline game is in .pkg form, and is larger than 4gb so I cant put on my external and install it thru the xmb like gaia manager and all the others.

    My ? is, where to I ftp in my ps3 hdd to make it show up on the "install packages" screen of the ps3 xmb?

    I tried ftping it to gamez folder and it did not seem to register in game manager or the install package feature of the xmb.

    So can anyone tell me please where to place a pkg file on ps3 hdd? like which folder exactly? I presume theres a location that allows it to pop up in the install packagers list like all the ones on my ext HD, I am presuming I just havent found the right directory.

    I could FTP the entire medal of honor game (as frontline as part of it) to my INT hdd.... yet the ps3 game loads off of EXT hdd so if possible id rather just install the frontline game pkg to INT and try and keep the rest playing of EXT to save space.

    any help would be appreciated, thanks for your time.

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    barrybarryk Guest
    i'd just FTP the entire game to internal, install the .PKG then delete the game again from the internal.

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    NCSUfan Guest
    Man on paper that sounds like a good idea! cant belief I hadnt thought of it lol, my only concern would be.... do you think opon removing the ps3 game from INT hd it would also delete the .pkg assossicated with that game?

    That's pretty good and is rather straightforward though I have ftped many games so I will try it now as I'm comfy doing it.

    Got crappy 3mb connection and its 12gb or so game, but Ive got this thread bookmarked and I will update it as soon as I get done testing it to confirm for others. Just letting you know beforehand its gonna several hours but I will update if this works or not.

    Thanks barry, this is like the second or third time you've helped me out.

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