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    ramonava939 Guest

    help with installing linux

    when i try to install linux using the installing other os it says no applicable installer was found and i got the installer from http://www.terrasoftsolutions.com/support/downloads/ when i downloaded the the ps3 version of the linux and nothing works so what i do ?

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    andre86 Guest
    the otheros.bld file has to be in the folder <root>/PS3/OTHEROS (in capital letters) on the flash drive, hdd or cd.
    any other folder won't work.

    hope that helps...

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    ramonava939 Guest

    still problems

    wheres the best place to download the ydl 5.0 ps3 version cuz that one i downloaded that was over 3 gb didnt have the otheros on the disk so i want to know where to get it ?

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    kenshin33 Guest
    A quick search on google (otheros.bld) yield a lot of results. you can start by the gentoo (I'm a gentoo fan) website there's an installation guide which might help you find what you're looking for, or Fedora Core too can help.

    And if you're a masochist you can always try building your own otheros.bld image, again your friend google can and will help.

    But you can try this link an intresting (eye candy) alternative to kboot (which is the boot loader - a stand alone linux system for that matter -) which based on Kboot but is much eye pleasing.


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    andre86 Guest
    Here is a link to the official site with mirrors for ydl: http://us.fixstars.com/support/downloads/

    i don't know if ydl 5.0 has the otheros on dvd.

    download the newer version 6.0. this one has all the needed files.

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    teflondon Guest
    i was wondering what kind of linux can be put on ps3

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