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    wicked insanity Guest

    help importing RB1 songs into RB3?

    I have rockband 1 on disc (BLES00228) and a 'backup' of RB3 (BLUS30463) stored on the HDD which plays fine with Gaia. I am trying to export the RB1 songs into RB3. I have purchased the export key and the songs are on the HDD but are not being recognised by RB3. Equally strangely, neither are the dlc songs I just bought for RB3

    So any ideas how to get the songs imported? I suspect its to do with the disc regions... Anyone have the BLUS??? ID for RB1. If I change the game folder label might that work? though that sounds too simple to be true, or do you think I could copy the files into RB3 USRDIR?? Any other suggestions people??

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    barrybarryk Guest
    I wouldn't recommend changing the path but i'd be 90% sure its due to the different regions as a different titleID means a different game as far as the ps3 or PSN are concerned. The PSN downloaded tracks probably have hardcoded pathnames in there and if you change them there's a good chance they'll even ask to be activated again.

    As for the "songs" from rb1 that are on the hard disc changing their paths might just work but i'd double check if where they are now has a reference to the RB3 BLES titleID.

    though just using a BLES version of RB3 would probably solve both your problems.

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    wicked insanity Guest
    ok so I've found the downloaded 'song files' in game/BLES00986. I'll copy them to BLUS30463 and see what happens...

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    barrybarryk Guest
    make sure you copy them to the new path dont move them incase psn wants them activating again!

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    wicked insanity Guest
    well that actually worked lol. gonna try the RB1 songs in a min once i've tested The Thrill Is Gone

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    barrybarryk Guest
    the ps3 distinguishes between games using their titleID, you see a few people having problems with dlc because their backup is from the wrong region as the dlc patch ends up installed in the wrong directory as games maybe region free but psn certainly isn't.

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    wicked insanity Guest
    OK latest update: Downloaded DLC for RB1 and the disc songs all work (at least the ones I tested) in RB3 using this method. Oh my this is too easy. Hell Yeah!!

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    tilla Guest
    Awesome, will be sure to do that myself.

    Now the question is, what about DLC? I'd love to get some more songs added - maybe even a way to hack in custom songs similar to with Guitar Hero on the PS2 years ago

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