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    BwE Guest

    help I need a playtv update but can't go online!

    Can somebody source me the direct link or even just the file for the playtv update so I can install it without putting my ps3 on the net.

    I'm running 3.15 so it's easy to understand why I can't do it.

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    Boo1974 Guest
    I'm currently on 3.15 but I haven't got the play TV system. I have managed to update game titles without the latest firmware updates being forced on me. It does seem to vary though, some PSN titles download an update then prompt you to accept the latest firmware update.

    If >3.15 is needed by the software you are updating you are always asked to confirm you definately want it. You could always try to update & see how far you get. I have never had firmware forced onto my system when updating software.

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    PR0r Guest
    It would probably be easier to find someone with the dvd that came with playtv. I've got one here you could borrow if you're in Australia

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    BwE Guest
    lol i'll try if i can update it without updating the ps3

    if that fails (because to my knowledge you need to update to get into psn?) then yeah i'll hit you up ^_^ i'm in qld

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