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Thread: help to get out of 3.55 ofw update loop?

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    ukdan2k Guest

    Post help to get out of 3.55 ofw update loop?

    hi all.

    anyone know the proper way to end and update loop on 5.50 ofw, blue-ray boards knackered so it keeps looping.

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    Chivafighter Guest
    What exactly is your question?

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    serial2305 Guest
    what 5.50 update-loop? knackered blue-ray? I think you should specify your prob a little bit.

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    ukdan2k Guest
    oops lol, posting too late into the night.

    its about a ps3 stuck in an update loop, trying to update to 3.55 ofw. the loops being caused because of a faulty blue-ray board so around 60-65% it fails, you have power off/on and it all starts trying to update again.

    Queston is: Does anyone know a proper way to exit the loop and get back to getting recovery menu back on ?

    so hopefully i can apply an update with lv2diag patch on it to bypass the blue-ray board while it updates.

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    Chivafighter Guest
    Did you have CFW previously?

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    teamgt Guest
    try entering service mode as long as its not 3.56 then put 3.55 ofw on a usb install it off that.

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    DaedalusMinion Guest
    Or if your unable to enter Service Mode, try removing you HDD then switching the PS3 on.. I guess that stops the update loop.

    I think there was a similar issue with the Rebug CFW.

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    Mad Lion Guest
    If you install any retail update (including 3.55) from factory mode you will brick you PS3 again - you will get RSOD.

    Try to downgrade PS3 with jailbreak key.

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    sinkillerj Guest
    If you completely wipe the drive or use a different drive the ps3 will boot to xmb.

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