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    mike86 Guest

    Help fix black screens on PS3 CFW?

    My PS3 Original spec:
    Fat CECHG03 - 40 GB
    3.15 OFW

    Fat CECHG03 - 320GB
    4.40 CFW Rogero v1.03

    What I Did:

    1. While running OFW 3.15, I upgraded to a 320GB HDD and let the system format it
    2. Installed OFW 3.55 via USB from the XMB
    3. Installed CFW 3.55-kmeaw through recovery mode
    4. Installed mmCM ver 04.02.00 Full (20120228) pkg

    At this point I was getting a black screen when launching multiMAN. After playing around with a fix permissions script and also BDEMU2.pkg I was able to launch multiMAN once. I couldn't get it to launch again.

    5. I uninstalled multiMAN
    6. Upgraded to CFW 4.40 Rogero v1.03
    7. I installed multiMAN 04.30.00 BASE CEX (20130324) pkg

    I continued to get black screens when launching multiMAN. Again after messing around with fix permissions and BDEMU2 I got it to launch once. I managed to get Showtime installed.

    Now they both black screen on launch and this is where I'm stuck. Any ideas?

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    mschumacher69 Guest
    Is your BD-Drive working?

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    JOHNBOI Guest
    i had same prob fixed it by.. when launching multiman when i got black screen i would press eject... solved my issue.

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    mike86 Guest

    Help fixing black screens on PS3 CFW?


    My BD drive does seem to be faulty as 90% of the time homebrew/multiman will launch with a disk in the drive. Sometimes the console will crash with graphical glitches shortly or immediately after the BD drive has been accessed.

    What are my options? I heard you can emulate a BD drive with a USB stick. Is this possible with Rogero?


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    racer0018 Guest
    If the graphics become messed up during any part of time during running it is not the drive, I have a number of systems that have problem drives and don't do this. The systems that I have seen do this are the ones that have problems with the gpu in them. These systems are in need of a reflow or a reball. Thanks.

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    mschumacher69 Guest
    You cannot emulate your BD Drive on Rogero, you need Rebug in DEX mode for that.

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