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Thread: Help with ferrox 4.80 v1.00 standalone?

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    fantopoulos Guest

    Help with ferrox 4.80 v1.00 standalone?

    i am on rebug 7.80.1
    i never used ferrox

    can i install via xmb,or do i need to do via recovery
    then do i got to clean database and cache , i am very unfamiliar with this cfw, any help would be greatly appreciated

    or do i need to update to 4.80 or stay on rebug any good games worthy of needing 4.80 cfw any help big or small greatly appreciated thank you

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    misiozol Guest
    Do it via recovery

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    fantopoulos Guest
    thank you so much i cant give you a +rep it says i have to spread the reputation around

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