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    Help with Fallout New Vegas?

    I have tried to backup Fallout New Vegas to my ps3 console, however it stops at between 2.35 and 2.37 GB (varies each time). It works fine up until it reaches the... sound. BSA file, where all progress just stops.

    I have tried backing up to the internal hdd as well as two different external hdd's with no luck. Also have used several different versions of open manager, Gaia manager and multiman. I have successfully backed up several other games previously to the internal hdd. Also I have played with the Fallout New Vegas disc in the drive without any errors on Hermes v4b.

    Any help at all is greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    Oct 2010
    sounds like the disc might be damaged or dirty at the section containing that file since it fails at the same point. Also because it fails in the same place when using internal and external drives you can be sure it's not a size issue (greater than 4GB) or a free space issue.

    So to me it suggests a dodgy disc.

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    yeah def dodgy disk, I've copied same game no bother but I've had similar issues with other discs that have been a bit scratched and failing at 3 or 4 gig, so thats all it'll be m8.

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    I had the same freezing when backing up issue with a game. When I took the disc out it was quite dirty, so I cleaned it and it worked no problem.

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