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Thread: Help to exit PS3 Debugging Station menu?

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    luisfg3 Guest

    Unhappy Help to exit PS3 Debugging Station menu?


    i was messing with my PS3 test and now, every time i start the PS3, the Debuging menu appears!

    I can access the xmb, but i cant do anything because it always tell to exit a game... and if i chose yes, the screen goes black, and i get stuck in that black screen!!

    hereīs the video i took... please help on this guys... thanks...

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    CJPC Guest
    When the PS3 is in standby (red led), hold down the power button for 5 seconds. This will reset the boot parameters and you will boot back to the XMB. However, the video/audio settings will be reset as well.

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    luisfg3 Guest
    Thank You! I'm so Happy!

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    tragedy Guest
    If you have access to the SDK tools, you can script this too.

    Start up dtnetm (debugging connection to PS3), dtcfilesv (file server) and dtccons (debug console) first:

    dtnetm -d <ip_address_of_testkit>
    dtcfilesv -d localhost
    dtccons -d localhost

    You can then easily reset into XMB mode by doing this:

    dtcparam -d localhost boot=rel
    dtpreset -d localhost

    To get back into debug mode, you can either use the XMB debug menu or do this:

    dtcparam -d localhost boot=dbg
    dtpreset -d localhost

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    cvp Guest

    DTNETM needing

    Hello friends. I have the Game Backup Thread read. I Install the SDK. But now i have the problem that i donīt have the DTNETM to connect with the ps3 test unit. I have download some SDKs, and the megaupload link isnt more work

    I canīt find it. can anyone upload for me?

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    ChocoboX Guest
    Thanks a lot. The 5 seconds trick worked for me

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