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    thats right, put the factory service mode ps3 jig in the usb port closest to the blu ray drive then power on the console and press eject quickly the console should turn off. put the PS3UPDAT.PUP & Lv2diag.self on a usb stick and place it in the same usb port then the console will begin the downgrade

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    which JIG you using ?

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    i'm using an AT90USB162 if that helps.
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    Firstly thank you Technodon and cfwprophet for all you help. But either i'm doing something very wrong or my equipment is faultly.

    I'm doing the following:

    1. Using Flip v3.4.2 to program my AT90USB162, I'm using teenys_at90usb162_16Mhz.hex as the hex file to program the JB.
    2. Place the AT90USB162 into the right hand USB port. With the power cable out.
    3. Put in the power cable.
    4. Press Start followed by eject. I get two beeps.

    The the system always goes to "Connect the controller using a USB cable, and the press the PS button"

    So from what i'm reading it should read the USB device then power down, But it doesn't. Am I being think or is the something i've missed, or do I have the wrong equipment.

    I'm starting to lose heart now, as the whether it can be done


    As a side note, I'm using Windows 7 64bit, could that be the issue. I've been reading that people are getting issues with Flip and Windows 7. Could it be that my JB is not been written to the chip correctly?
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    you must have the wrong hex that will be for original 3.41 jailbreak to make install package files appear, there is a different one to enter factory service mode

    try these ones:

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    I've managed to sort out my PS3, the issues I had were:

    1. E3 nor clip not 100% attached, i had to reseat to about 5 times before it was fully in fitting correctly.
    2. Wrong HEX for my jailbreak.

    Once I got those two thing sorted it was plain sailing.

    Thank you very much to technodon and cfwprophet for your help and advice.

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