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Thread: Help with E3 flashing, Backup not working

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    tobytyke1972 Guest
    Hi, It's been a week since I last time i worked on my PS3, Been really busy at work.

    I've managed to get the PS3 booting with info from technodon (thanks for that).

    If i try and reboot with a JailBreak (AT90USB162 with HEX onboard) and then pressing reboot followed by eject nothing happens it just tries to reboot as normal, but then reporting wrong HDD or its requesting that I re-install 4.11. If i put the PS3UPDAT.pup for 4.11 on a USB stick, it reads the stick them reports that the pup has read error.

    I must be doing something wrong here, could anybody please advise.


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    cfwprophet Guest
    You maybe have used the wrong lv2diag.self and your syscon doesn't have get updated. Just post your log.txt here and i will give a look or simply retry to install a ofw with factory service mode using jacraibs lv2diag.self if your already have downgraded your console.

    And you need to plug of the power cord before using a JIG and pressing power + eject buttons.

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    technodon Guest
    what he said ^^

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    tobytyke1972 Guest
    Hi Again,

    Here's a what my logs says. When I tried to downgrade i got 10001111 errors, write failure
    start logging...
    One Key downgrade mode.
    start checking...OK.
    start downgrading.
    read 0:e3_downgrade.bin at 0x00000000 ... OK.
    erase PS3 BIOS at 0x00040000 ... OK.
    write PS3 BIOS at 0x00040000 ... OK.
    read 0:e3_downgrade.bin at 0x00008000 ... OK.
    write PS3 BIOS at 0x00048000 ... OK.
    read 0:e3_downgrade.bin at 0x00010000 ... OK.
    read 0:e3_downgrade.bin at 0x00800000 ... OK.
    erase PS3 BIOS at 0x00840000 ... OK.
    write PS3 BIOS at 0x00840000 ... OK.
    read 0:e3_downgrade.bin at 0x00808000 ... OK.
    write PS3 BIOS at 0x00848000 ... failed.
    Program Nor failed.

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    technodon Guest
    manually patch your nor backup in a hex editor with patch1.REV & rvk-040000.REV at offsets 0C0010 & 7C0010 & 40000 and flash the console with all the switches down the patches are on the dev wiki. or just upload your nor backup to a filesharing website and i will patch it for you.

    after its patched flash the console with all the switches on the flasher down

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    tobytyke1972 Guest
    Technodon, thank you very much for offering to help. I've uploaded my bios to the following location


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    technodon Guest
    downloading it now m8

    here dude, sorry it took so long:

    just put the bkpps3.bin on your microSD card and put all switches on the flaster down. also it needs to be called bkpps3.bin so don't rename it

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    tobytyke1972 Guest
    thanks technodon you're a legend.

    I set all the switches down and turned the PS3 on with the file (without renaming it) on the SD card. I then pressed start on the E3. It started working and got to the 6th LED and then failed showing the same error 10001111 write failure. But this time it was at different location. Any ideas?

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    technodon Guest
    just check your flasher installation and make sure its not shoring out on anything or solder the nor tristate wire and try flashing the nor backup i sent you with the first switch up

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    tobytyke1972 Guest
    Everything seems to be installed correctly, I just trying the nor backup again with the first switch up. Thanks again for helping.

    I must be coming across really dumb here. I've reflashed the NOR with the bkpps3.bin, this time it worked. Once this is done I removed the power cable and put my Jailbreak into the USB slot nearest the CDRom. I then restarted my PS3 followed by eject and I get is the PS3 asking for 4.11 to be installed. Any ideas?

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