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    hasharvit Guest

    Help with downloaded PS3 games?

    hello ! I download games, and most of them working. but few of them, after I running the game, the ps3 stuck, and screen goes black. So

    I have to turn off the ps3 to run another game. Maybe there's a pkg file that prevent this mater ?

    thank you !

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    Azrial Guest
    What CFW are you running, as 4.xx CFW has a few games that would need the games resigning, as they may have been resigned to 3.55, are they PSN titles or downloaded retail disk games?

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    Liongooder Guest
    Apply BD mirror in multiman, you can do it manually by pressing Square then mark the BD morror option, or you can press Select & Cross directly on the game or it could be what Azrial mentioned above.

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    Andrie Guest
    before you download see the information for the games like Working on 3.55 or seek the fix that fit with your CFW.

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