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    emailme10001 Guest

    Help downgrading PS3 OFW 4.41 to OFW 3.55?

    Hello All,

    Looking to JB my slim OFW 4.41, but I now understand I must first downgrade to OFW 3.55. So now I downloaded the OFW 3.55 and just wanted to know about the downgrade process.

    What I'm asking is, If I follow the steps below, will I be OK??

    Step 1: Plug the USB into your computer
    Step 2: Dowload the Downgrade
    Step 3: In the USB make a folder called PS3 and inside that folder make another one called UPDATE
    Step 4: Inside the folder "UPDATE" put the ofw 3.55
    Step 5: Plug the USB into your PS3
    Step 6: Go to System Update and in the options put update via storage media
    Step 7: UPDATE IT!


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    senas8 Guest
    lol.. no. CFW 4.41 to 3.55 OFW.. yes.

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    emailme10001 Guest
    Thanks for your reply senas8, but what are my options? how to proceed? I'm currently running OFW 4.41 on slim and want to JB

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    drphuz Guest
    what kinda slim do you have? Some slims cant be downgraded. If you bought it before feb 2011 your good. After that... no dice. But if it is an older slim Your ONLY option is a hardware flasher like progskeet or e3. Not being mean or anything but you should read these forums as this question is asked daily.

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    emailme10001 Guest
    I got it from a pawn shop, is there any way to check physically, like with the psp?

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    kopops Guest
    anyone knows how to downgrade using the nor flasher ? ... I have slim ps3 but how can I know if I can downgrade it or not ?

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    racer0018 Guest
    Use this to check if your ps3 can be downgraded: http://www.ps4news.com/forums/ps3-gu...hk-120995.html


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    emailme10001 Guest
    Thanks Racer,

    Verchk says 3.50, I'm guessing that means that's how far back I can go, correct? Now I currently have CFW 4.41, so please tell me how this downgrade works, does it go fron OFW to OFW or does it go from OFW to CFW when downgrading? What should I be searching for to download?


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    racer0018 Guest
    You need a hardware flasher and read the not chip in it and patch that nor chip and reflash the it to the ps3 and then go through the rest of the downgrade. But first a e3, progskeet or a teensy and read the nor chip. Or pay someone to do it like me. Thanks.

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