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    wantedshurda Guest

    Help Downgrading NAND PS3 fat?

    Greetings! I found out that my ps3 is the NAND version and i'm thinking of the ProgSkeet 1.0 - Limited White Editio.. After having an accident irl i'm staying home pretty much all the time and getting back to 3.55 so i can run cfw would really make my life easier.

    So my questions are: Is there any complete guide for NAND Progskeet 1.0 (soldering, installing, everything) and also a list of what exactly i need in order to do this (any more items perhaps etc).

    i know this may sound pretty stupid but i have nowhere else to go and maybe with your guys help my life will be way better then it is right now... I have firmware 4.20 but after searching a bit progskeet is working on my CECHC04. Thanks for reading this!

    Please excuse me for any grammar mistake or similar!

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    jamesnesc709 Guest
    only guides out there is from the progskeet website

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    marcin888888 Guest
    here is something you need to start with at first: http://www.ps4news.com/forums/ps3-gu...er-122242.html

    I suggest a blue progskeet 1.1. I personally own it and works like a charm

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    wantedshurda Guest
    awesome thanks!, i think i'll get the 1.1 progskeet version, though i'm a bit confused, may i ask what exactly i need in order to successfully downgrade with progskeet (any aditional hardware) i've heard so many things about 360 clips, pcb adapters you name it. Very appreciated with your guys help!

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