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    kwkraft Guest

    Help diagnosing PS3 Blu-ray Drive issue?

    Model: CECHL01
    Purchased: New in either Oct 2010 or Oct 2009
    Original Drive: KEM 410FCA 1
    Replaced Drive: KEM 410ACA

    I attempted to replace my old drive with another one a few minutes ago. I kept my logic board and swapped it into the new one. Even after the attempted replacement, both drives acted in the same exact way. I am not able to insert a disk and all the PS3 demos/games will come up with a black screen when I attempt to play one from the main screen. It looks like it will recognize a disk just fine because the system will start up when I place a disk slightly into the disk bay, the drive will not complete the process and take in the disk though.

    I was hoping someone could assist me in figuring out what component I should aim to replace now. My guess is either the logic board is bad or maybe one of the ribbons that connects to the drive.

    Also, could it be possible that there were issues with getting a KEM 410ACA instead of a KEM 410FCA? The KEM 410FCA was incredibly hard to find a replacement for so I gave up and went with a KEM 410ACA.

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    racer0018 Guest
    I would replace the Blu-ray board and see if that will help. Cause it sounds like that might be the problem. Thanks.

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    kwkraft Guest
    Thanks! That was the direction I was leaning in.

    Should I have to worry about the remarrying process or is it pretty straight forward?

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    racer0018 Guest
    Is the ps3 on Cfw if it is you have to be on 3.55. Thanks.

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