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Thread: Help with catherine loading 3.60 games?

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    minos55 Guest

    Help with catherine loading 3.60 games?

    Just wanted to ask if I use the eboot that is posted in the other topic on catherine will it fix so that it works on a cfw 3.55 and i don't need the fix that existed long time ago for the english version that converted the usa version to some mix of japanese and english?

    Could i get any help please I forgot everything about how to send the game from my pc to the ps3. any guides and answer to my question above would be very nice.

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    Yeah, that fix will make the game work in english. If the fix is a PKG just install that and run the game and it should work. If it's an Eboot file replace the original Eboot with the fixed one and it should work. Also, remember that you need the fix that works on the version you have.

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    minos55 Guest
    also if anybody can answer me this, is that eboot fix for the patched version of catherine with the difficulty settingss changed or the version that is straight from bluray?

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    It the version right from the Bluray but it was patched so it could work on 3.55.

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    minos55 Guest
    tnx will try that

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