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Thread: Help in buying a new PS3?

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    haybd Guest

    Question Help in buying a new PS3?

    hello ppl.

    i want to buy a new ps3 so i can play hacked games and i want to make sure i wont end up with a unhackable ps3. i did a little research on the net and found out that ps3 slim 120 gb models all come with 3.55 or lower firmware, and after a lot of looking around i found a shop near my house that sell that model.

    so i just want to make sure for last time (because you cant return stuff u buy from that store) is it 100% sure that 120 gb ps3 will come with lower firmware then 3.55? i really hope that som1 who really understand about ps3 models can give me a clear answer.

    thanks for your help !!!

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    elser1 Guest
    you really need to look at the back of the ps3 to see the model number to make sure it can be downgraded. i really don't think you will find a new ps3 with 3.55 on it unless you look in some obscure back street shop or something. i think the last model that is downgradable is 300b or 250b but i'm not sure.

    someone here will 100% know for sure

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    zacatrophic Guest
    From what I was reading, a Ps3 slim with cech 20xx will be 3.55 or lower. Just to make sure, is this a brand new ps3 or pre-owned? If it is pre-owned there is a possibility that it could have been upgraded and you will need to use a flasher to downgrade.

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    racer0018 Guest
    Chances are that if you get a used one then you will have to downgrade it. If you buy a new one from a store I am about 90% sure you will get one with 3000 model and you will not be able to downgrade it or jailbreak it. You need to find yourself a used one. Thanks

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