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    k9inpoop Guest

    Help with Bricked Slim Ps3?

    ok i bricked my ps3 SLIM going back to CEX from DEX a few weeks ago. i didn't know that i should not turn it off after i reflashed the flash from my back up using the multiMAN method and now it does the 5 quick beeps and just shuts down i have tried using a psp with ps3jig to get it into Factory/Service Mode but it just beeps still and won't go into it.

    i still have the back-ups of my root key, CEX-FLASH-NOR-FW3.55.NORBIN and 355DEX.EID0.NORBIN. if i get a e3 flasher limited can i unbrick the system or is it just a paper weight? if i can save the system can someone tell me how to do it using the e3 step by step or guide me to a great video that shows what to do with high detail?


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    marcin888888 Guest
    Would you like to sell it ? if so hit me up

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    k9inpoop Guest
    Sorry I won't sell it but of I change my mind you'll be the first to know ok? I just need to know if its possible to fix if I get an e3 using my back ups of my nor flash created from multiman

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    babyjoe00069 Guest
    i have a 60gig ps3 fat backwards compatible still on firmware 3.15 as well as a 80 gig backwards compatible ps3 phat on same low firmware. Id be willing to sale if allowed. Offers welcomed ps3s are in mint condition 80 gig still in the box.

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    marcin888888 Guest
    first of all you must be sure that back up is clean no bad blocks, you can always check it in Flowrebuilder

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    k9inpoop Guest
    How do I use flow builder to see if its good?

    Ok I checked the dump using flowrebuilder operation "extract a byte reversed nor dump" and got a 100% complete dump then I used HxD on it and did a statistics analysis and checked the 00's and FF's and they are is the range of a good dump so do I need to check anything else to see if its a good dump?

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    marcin888888 Guest
    e3, install, solder tristate point on mobo and flash your back up

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    k9inpoop Guest
    Where is the tristate point on the motherboard?

    Can you show me a pic of it? And do I use a certain wire to solder with or will any wire do?

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    GotNoUsername Guest
    Has nothing to do with your HW you have a syscon brick (Syscon expects DEX FW and sees CEX FW and shuts down the system)! You need a HW flasher to fix it and yes it can be fixed by doing the right steps.

    PS: I'm no fan of the E3 at all it bricks cons ! If you can solder use Progskeet and if not you may consider spending you PS3 to someone with soldering and unbricking skills.

    If you need more assistance just PM.

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    pinkone Guest
    I've fixed the same problem on a nand and nor ps3 doing a Service Mode downgrade way easier than an E3. In Service Mode the ps3 will still beep the same unless it's running an Lv2diag.self.

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