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    kojong Guest

    Help with Battlefield Bad Company (BLES00259)?

    I just can't play this game.. After installing game data it just stuck on loading screen but it not freeze, I can still quite the game
    I have it on my external. Please help me guys.

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    severusx Guest
    Have you played the game on your PS3 before using it with the Backup Manager? If so you need to delete the game data before trying to launch it. You may also want to try launching it from the internal HD. What setup are you using (i.e. PS3 version, Backup Manger Version, Payload)?

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    kmjansen83 Guest
    Try removing the data that you installed, and reinstall it, and if you updated the game when it asks to update, dont.
    If this doesnt work, let the update install if its available , maby this wil work.

    ANd sometimes when games didnt work for me i completely removed all data and also the game itself, and reinstall everything.
    And look if there is a savedata present if yes remove it to.

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    kojong Guest
    No I never played the game before. The game data is automatic insatall right after i lunch the game and than just sit on loading screen forever. Try with Gaia V1.04 & OM 2.1 with Hermes v4 for 3.41 with PSN & 3.50 spoof. Never try the internal HD.

    Tried removing it still no go.. The game automatic install the game data.

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    costocart Guest
    Probably problem with the backup game. Sometimes the file needed to load is missing and so the game unable to proceed. Try re-rip the game again from the disc or 're-rip' from other sources/release.

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    soldier Guest
    i have this working from original on external hdd w/ avr usb v1 and obm v1.

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    kojong Guest
    Try on internal HD still stuck. Maybe it's a bad rip.. I'll try redownload it and see if it can.

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